July 10th, 2011
Tir 19th, 1390

PVE Teacher
 * Candice Fakheri Director * 
Awarded $150,000 Fellowship
The teacher from Palos Verdes Estates was recognized by the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation.

Candice Director ( Daughter of Naz and Ram Director ), a former Palos Verdes Peninsula High School graduate, was awarded a five-year fellowship worth $150,000 from the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation.
Director, a mathematics teacher, was one of six fellows chosen from California. She studied at University of California, Berkeley. She will have her first full-time teaching position at High Tech High Media Arts High School in San Diego.
“I envision mathematics classrooms balancing procedural abilities with inquiry and discovery," Director said in a statement on the foundation's website. “Students need to understand what is behind mathematics and see its purpose in the real world.”
The Knowles Science Teaching Foundation was established to increase the number of high quality high school science and mathematics teachers and ultimately improve math and science education in the United States, according to the foundation.

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