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Nissan first 5772
March 24, 2012

Dear Friend
A mother comes to the Rabbi, lamenting the fact that her son went crazy.

“What is he doing?” Asked the Rabbi.

“He is putting on tefilin each morning,” the mother cried. “He now eats only kosher, he prays each day, he stopped going to the movies on Friday night. What is worse: he wants to go study in Yeshiva.

“Rabbi, please save my boy,” the mother wept. “He is a good kid, I do not want to lose him to fanaticism… Continue  

Many people find engaging in social justice the most profound aspect of religious life. But Jewish practices and rituals can be an important pre-requisite for any socially conscious person. MORE>

God commands Moses regarding various types of offerings: under what circumstances they should be offered, and what they should consist of.
Moses has conducted a ceremony to anoint the Tent of Appointed Meeting and the Priests who will officiate in it. A cloud now covers the Tent of Appointed Meeting, and the Presence of the Lord fills the Tabernacle.
God calls to Moses, “Explain to the sons of Israel the ways of bringing offerings to God. There will be offerings of animals and grains and fruit. Animals for sacrifice shall be male and without blemish. These animals shall be killed and washed and burned so each shall smoke on the altar in the Tent of Appointed Meeting. This will be for an ascent offering, an offering made by fire in expression of compliance to God and to make atonement before God.

We all live with rituals. Whether it's the time and place we brush our teeth in the morning or singing our children good night songs, rituals provide the infrastructure by which we live our lives. Without rituals, without certain daily repetitions of consistent behavior, our lives would be unbearably chaotic

 from Women of Reform Judaism
 from Hillel
from Orthodox Union
from American Jewish University
 from AJWS
from Jewish Outreach Institute
 from CLAL

Ezekiel presents regulations to
 be observed in the Third Temple. 

Ashkenazic custom: Ezekiel 45:16-46:18
Sephardic custom: Ezekiel 45:18-46:15
Shabbat HaHodesh, the last of the four special Shabbatot observed in the weeks leading up to Passover, usually comes on the last Shabbat of the month of Adar. On this Shabbat, in addition to the regular parashah, we read a maftir from Exodus (12:1-20), which is about the paschal offering.  More

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