May 25th 2012

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Syria 2012

 Jewish World News

Photo: AP
Hungary: Raoul Wallenberg memorial vandalized
Hungarian media reported Wednesday that unknown individuals vandalized the statue of Raoul Wallenberg in Budapest. The Nepszabadsag newspaper's website reported that ...
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Ynet(14:03 , 05.23.12 )
Photo: Yoav Friedman
Jews protest as Lithuania set to rebury WWII leader
Jewish groups have condemned Lithuania for plans to rebury Juozas Brazaitis, head of a short-lived WWII-era government accused of siding with Nazi Germany after it ousted ...
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AFP(07:43 , 05.23.12 )
Photo courtesy of Yad Vashem
Excruciating details emerge on Jewish ghettos
Even after decades of in-depth Holocaust research, excruciating details are only now emerging about more than 1,100 German-run ghettos in Eastern Europe where the Nazis ...
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Associated Press(07:28 , 05.22.12 )
'Non-Jews are brainless thieves'
Speaking in Beit Shemesh ahead of the Shavuot holiday, Rabbi Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman, one of the leaders of the Lithuanian branch of haredi Judaism discussed the ...
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Ynet(14:15 , 05.21.12 )
Photo: Ryan
Rabbis pass hotel 'equality of treatment resolution'
A new resolution was passed by the Rabbinical Assembly, the international association of Conservative rabbis, at its National Convention in Atlanta earlier this month ...
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Ynetnews(07:19 , 05.21.12 )
Photo: Yossi Ben-David
Child prodigy's Holocaust-era drawings donated to Yad Vashem
At the tender age of 11, Tibor Karini had already published his own Hungarian-language newspaper, painted landscapes and composed music. His life was cut tragically short ...
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Danny Adino Ababa(14:43 , 05.20.12 )
Photo: Shutterstock
Ultra-Orthodox to hold mass NYC event on Internet risks
Ultra-Orthodox Jews who believe that the Internet threatens their way of life have rented the New York Mets' stadium for an unprecedented gathering on how to use modern ...
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Associated Press(07:14 , 05.20.12 )
Photo: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Amman, Jordan
Introducing: Talmud in Arabic
No one knows whether King Abdullah of Jordan knows how to learn a page of Gemara, but now he can, even if he doesn't know Aramaic. A group of some 90 Jordanian ...
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Itamar Marlios(08:49 , 05.19.12 )
Photo: Shutterstock
Zimbabwe's 'black Jews' observe traditions
Yarmulkes bob as voices swell in a sacred song carried from ancient Judea to the scenic fields of a far-flung southern African village that is home to a "lost tribe" of ...
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AFP(13:10 , 05.18.12 )
Photo: Omer Bar
Finding god in Indian prison
Yinon Tayeb lives in the moment. It's an outlook that he picked up after spending a chunk of his life in an Indian prison. It's also the subject of his debut album and ...
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Liron Nagler-Cohen(07:35 , 05.18.12 )
Rabbi Yosef: Treating gentiles violates Sabbath
What should religious doctors do if a gentile is injured in a car accident on Shabbat and is rushed to the hospital? According to Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, this does not ...
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Ynet(13:36 , 05.17.12 )
Photo: Chabad website, Shturem.net
Stolen Torah scrolls discovered in Safed
A group of kids playing in a deserted house in the old city of Safed was surprised to uncover an unexpected treasure of six Torah scrolls hidden under piles of sheets and ...
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Maor Buchnik(07:51 , 05.17.12 )
Photo: Avi Shushan
Thousands of Jewish pilgrims pray in Morocco
Thousands of Jews from Morocco, Israel and other parts of the world have over the past week carried out an annual pilgrimage to the Islamic nation to honor celebrated ...
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AFP(15:11 , 05.16.12 )
Descendants of Templar sect visit Israel
Some 30 descendants of the Templars, a Protestant sect of German origin of that settled in Israel in the mid-1800s, arrived in the Jewish state from Germany recently for ...
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Noah Klieger(06:58 , 05.16.12 )
Photo: Reuters
Israeli artist to present Pope with 'Illuminated Book of Genesis'
Israeli artist Avner Moriah will present Pope Benedict XVI with his Illuminated Book of Genesis during a special audience at the Vatican on May 16. Accompanying ...
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