Today's global migrants, like our
peripatetic forebears, are suspended
 in the precarious place between
 a difficult past and a 
hopeful future

It's hard to imagine the identity crisis
 the Israelites must have gone through
 upon exile from slavery. Yet for the
 victims of the Holocaust who were forced
 to leave their homes and today's global
migrants seeking shelter elsewhere,
 the feeling is familiar. MORE>

God told Moses to, "Take a total count of the

entire community of the sons of 
Israel according to their families, according

 to their father’s house, counting the 
names of all males twenty years old and upward."
But the Levites were not allowed to number themselves

 among them. For you shall 

appoint the Levites over the Dwelling

 Place of the Testimony.

They shall carry the 
Dwelling Place of the Tent of Appointed Meeting

and minister to it and camp 
around it. All the other sons of Israel shall camp

 with their own tribe, according to 
their divisions, at some distance around

the Tent of Appointed Meeting.

Different views about
Parashat B'MIDBAR

from Hillel
from Orthodox Union
from American Jewish University
from AJWS
 from CLAL
from KOLEL
 from Women of Reform Judaism

The haftarah selection is from Hosea 2:1-22

The haftarah for redemption. In the opening

 verses, God promises that the people
 of Israel will one day be as multitudinous as

 the sands of the sea. They will be
 recognized as being children

of the living God,
 and Judah and Israel will assemble

 utogether unified under one leader.

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