Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli topped Maxim magazine’s
‘Hot 100 list’ of 2012. “She puts the ‘promise’ in
 Promised Land – all hail your No. 1 for 2012, Bar Refaeli!” the
 magazine wrote about their top pick. “I am shocked that …

New cell research from Israel suggests the need for a
 radically different approach to chemotherapy

Israel’s BioView is pairing its imaging technology with fluorescent
 DNA markers to help doctors find this deadly cancer before it’s too late.

URINFO, a new medical device from Israel inspired by agricultural
technology, takes the guesswork out of diagnosing a kidney injury.

Israel is sending a strong team to the 2012 Olympics.
This year's goals: To win a medal in a new field,
and see a woman step on to the podium for the first time.

Readers of online travel mag, Travelers Digest, think the men and
 women of Tel Aviv are among the best looking in the world.
Of course we agree.
Summer’s warm nights bring a variety of performances
 concerts and art installations reflecting the unique
 spirit of Israel’s capital city.

MyWebees takes your existing website and transforms it int
 a Facebook business page to generate better traffic.

Israeli brain scientists have developed special devices to
 activate the visual cortex with data coming in from existing senses.
Israeli and German academics show how an understanding of
 the physics of finance could avert the next world economic meltdown.

WatchLock is an innovative new locking product devised
 jointly by Israeli companies that specialize in locking
 mechanisms and GPS tracking.

Israel’s Outbrain lets the major news websites suggest clickable
 related content for each individual reader to discover.
New Israeli app takes the frustration out of automated
customer-service call centers, putting menu choices into
a visual screen on your phone.

Encouraging 'expansive thinking' primes young minds to
 think creatively, says a Tel Aviv University psychologist.

They're young, they're talented, and they've already got
their own businesses - meet Israel's teenage entrepreneurs.

‘I allow my heritage to speak through the menu in a way
 that still feels Italiana,’ says Domenica’s celebrated
executive chef Alon Shaya.

Israel's Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research shows
farmers in many countries how to use a 2,000-year-old water
retention method.

Israel’s Univerve is breeding a strain of algae to provide a
 new biofuel with a bunch of major advantages.

Amiad’s filtration and treatment technologies bring clean
 water to industries, households and farms in 70 countries.

Once a barren strip of desert, the Arava today has
some 600 farms supplying more than 60 percent of
 Israel’s exports of fresh vegetables and 10% of ornamentals.

Israel’s Metabolic Robots helps chicken and pig farmers cut the
price of expensive grain while improving the animals’ welfare.

From drip irrigation to natural pesticides, 
Israeli innovations
 are helping to fill hungry bellies everywhere,
but particularly in the developing world.
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Founded six years ago by two ex-patriots from the US
, the Artists' Colony Inn was named the best B&B
 in the Middle East by travel website Trip Advisor.


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