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Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel says he's repudiating a Hungarian award he received in 2004 because top officials from Budapest recently attended a ceremony for a ...
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Man poses as woman at Kotel: 'Their prayers are heard'
Security guards at the Western Wall apprehended on Wednesday a man who dressed up as a woman in an attempt to enter the women's section of the holy Jewish site in ...
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Chevra Kadisha to compensate woman for funeral
A Beersheba small claims court has ordered Chevra Kadisha to compensate a woman with NIS 31,900 (roughly $8,300) for the distress the group had caused her by barring her ...
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Gay pride, but where's your Jewish pride?
San Francisco's Castro District does not have a gay pride week; it is one ongoing display of gay pride. The "coming out of the closet" scenario is such a non-issue in the ...
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Dutch upper house rejects ban on ritual slaughter
The Dutch upper house, the Senate, on Tuesday rejected a bill that would have banned the ritual slaughter of animals and had been criticized by both Muslim and Jewish ...
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NYPD probing possible hate crimes in Brooklyn
The New York City Police Department is investigating a string of possible hate crimes in the same Brooklyn neighborhood, police said. The investigation in focused on ...
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400 Jews gather for learning festival in Moldova
Over 400 young Jews from Moldova and the southern region of Ukraine came together in the city of Chisinau for the first Limmud FSU (former Soviet Union) Conference in ...
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Rabbinate declares 'war' on non-Orthodox rabbis
Israel's Chief Rabbis Shlomo Amar and Yona Metzger called on rabbis of cities, communities and regional councils to attend an "emergency gathering" following the State's ...
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Jewish leader shocked by French soccer team's Auschwitz miss
The president of the umbrella organization of France's Jewish communities said it was “shocking” that France’s soccer team did not visit Auschwitz. The team is playing in ...
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The flaw of Jewish leadership development
Jewish organizations have been murmuring for several years about an impending – or possibly current – crisis in fostering leadership in the volunteer and professional ...
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World Jewish Congress urges Abbas to resume talks
World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder has urged Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to accept Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's offers to resume direct ...
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NYC urges consent waiver on circumcision rite
The New York Times reported this week that local health officials proposed that Orthodox Jewish parents be required to sign a consent waiver before they can take part in ...
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Unique study shines light on violence against haredi women
Domestic violence is a national epidemic that does not differentiate between sectors of the population, and yet, until recently no study has been conducted to examine the ...
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Record number of religious girls surfing sex sites
More curious? New research indicates that one in three teenaged girls from the religious and Ultra-Orthodox sectors surf porn sites – nearly twice as many as ...
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Begin: Tel Aviv is not a Jewish city
Is the world's first Hebrew city Jewish? If you ask Likud Minister Benny Begin, the answer is "no." "Two years ago I happened to be in Tel Aviv during (Passover) and ...
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