US doctors are already using IceSense3 to freeze
 out benign growths quickly and painlessly.
Next it could target small malignant tumors.

Sepsis, a blood infection, causes more than 200,000 deaths
 in US hospitals every year. A non-invasive monitoring
 device from Israel is changing that.

Israel's first-ever Patents Exhibition in August
 will bring together international inventors with
investors, patent attorneys and engineers.

An app developed at IBM Research in Haifa will
bringall the personalized advantages of online
 shopping to the in-store experience.

Tel Aviv's Gay Pride Parade highlighted the
 Israeli city that's been crowned the world's
 best for GLBT residents and tourists alike.

A joint UK-Israeli venture puts filtered tap water on
 British countertops, revolutionizing teatime and
keeping plastics out of landfills.

'There's nothing quite like Israel in the
 world and nothing quite like the women
 of Israel,' says the founder of the Museum
 of Israeli Women.

An Israeli research team discovers a mechanism 
whereby even tiny seemingly insignificant chemical
 changes in a creature can affect the ecology of the earth.

The world craves pretty ornamental fish, 
and Israeli growers are meeting the demand with
 revolutionary Arava Desert hatcheries.

International interest piques over the simulator’s
ability to handle and manage various cyber warfare
events and attacks.

The Social Privacy Protector application can 
keep your information on Facebook private.

The Israeli medical device developer is used
 in 40 countries around the world.
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