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Syrian uranium sparks concerns 
Syrian reactor (Photo: AP)

Vienna, Austria
Obama with Hagel on Monday (Photo: MCT)

'Church is deeply committed to dailogue with Jews.' Pope Benedict XVI (archives) Photo: EPA
"צ'אק הייגל לא אוהב סנקציות". מתוך התשדיר נגד מינוי שר ההגנה החדש

בינתיים, רק פתיתים. ירושלים, היום (צילום: גיל יוחנן)
(צילום: נועם (דבול) דביר)
(צילום: נועם (דבול) דביר)
יום לבן בגולן (צילום: חגי אהרון)

(צילום: חגי אהרון)
(צילום: מור קדוש)
(צילום: מור קדוש)
(צילום: מור קדוש)

"הכותל וכל רחבתו הפך לאתר תפילה חרדי באופיו, ואירועים שאינם דתיים כמעט שאינם מתקיימים בו" (צילום: איתן אלחדז)

אליעזר: הגעתי כדי לתרום לעם ישראל ולאוכלוסיות חלשות הזקוקות לעזרה, ולא מתוך אילוץ (צילום: קובי נחשוני) 

במינהלת ובאכ"א מרגיעים: המתנדבים לא יגויסו לצבא גם אם המסלול יבוטל (צילום: קובי נחשוני)

הכרזה החדשה: "בקרוב נזרע פחד בלבבות הכופרים". מתוך אתר הארגון



from Rooz On Line

Clerics Continue to Criticise High Prices

Warning About a Major Threat

As prices of daily goods continue their unrelenting climb for ordinary Iranians amid the political battles of the country’s ruling elite, ordinary and senior clerics carry on with their complaints about this issue and warn that its continuation could turn the masses against the regime.
Disarray Among Official Political Factions

Principlists’ Coalition Has Neither Use Nor Meaning

While it appears that former Majlis speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel may be the presidential nominee of supporters of conservative ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, a member of the Society of Combatant Clerics of Tehran speculated that the Steadfast Front would bypass Adel.
Lawyers Comment on Shinabad Incident

Ministry of Education Has Criminal Responsibility

Iranian news agencies reported that on Friday December 28th Saria Rasoolzadeh, another victim of the fire at a girls school died of burn wounds, following the earlier death of schoolgirl Siran Yeganeh. Last week, a fire broke out in the Shinabad village near the city of Piranshahr in western Iran, causing severe burns to some 40 ten-year old school children.
Commanders Continue to Talk of “Seditionists”

IRGC Concerned About 2013 Elections

Last week, a senior Revolutionary Guard commander declared that the protests and demonstrations against the results of the 2009 presidential elections were more “dangerous than the 8-year war” and added that the Guards were preparing themselves for “days of scheming and interference by the enemy in the elections.”
The Rivalry Seeps Into the Seminaries

Elections Divide Cleric Coalition in Qom

As speculation rises over a possible split between the Qom Seminary Teachers Association and the Tehran Society of Combatant Clergy, a day after the JRM meeting that was marked by the noticeable absence of cleric Mohammad Yazdi, a new political group has been announced in the Qom Theological Seminary having close ties to the government presidential candidate.
More Verbal Attacks on Rafsanjani

Rasai: You Should Thank God You Were Not Executed

According to one member of Majlis’s presiding board, a letter from Hashemi Rafsanjani’s office, in response to earlier insulting comments by Majlis representative Hamid Rasai, was scheduled to be readout on the floor, but instead the angry MP who started this row launched fresh insults at Rafsanjani.
Kowsari: Guards Assets Have Military Dimension

Former Guard Commanders Respond to Ahmadinejad

Last week, the head of Iran’s government Mahmoud Ahmadinejad counseled the IRGC to sell its acquisitions and real estate assets to meet its budgetary and financial needs. This week, Guard commanders responded by saying no.
Ahmadinejad Live on TV:

Let Them [Opponents] Do Whatever They Want to Us

Speaking on live TV, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed that people’s economic conditions had actually improved, criticized efforts to downplay the impact of sanctions on the Iranian economy, announced that he would soon speak out about issues that have not till now been spoken about.
Rafsanjani’s Office Responds to “Insults” in Majlis

We Have the Right to Respond in the Same Forum

The arrest of Mehdi Hashemi and his subsequent release continue to reverberate in Iranian political circles. After the judiciary spokesperson announced that Hashemi’s trial would begin soon, some pro-Ahmadinejad Majlis representatives launched new attacks on the Rafsanjanis.
At a Prison in Semnan

Efforts to Forcefully Extract Fake Confessions from Bahai Prisoners

Human rights reports and Bahai activists in Iran told Rooz that security agents in the province of Semnan have been trying to extract fake and incriminating confessions from imprisoned Bahais in an effort to prepare a propaganda documentary.


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