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Jacob Wrestling with the Angel
 (1855 illustration by Gustave Doré)

Their relationship is somewhat awkward,
 and they will never be the closest of brothers. 
Still, for the first time each can accept the other
 as he is; each can see the other's wealth without 
coveting it. What has changed? How can two people
 who tricked and threatened to kill each other
During their boyhood, Esau and Jacob 
were in fierce competition. Each was .... More

The Reunion of Jacob and Esau
 (1844 painting by Francesco Hayez)

Many years after his marriages to Rachel
 and Leah, Jacob received word from God that
 it was time to return home.
Jacob sent messengers ahead to meet his brother
 Esau. "Tell him that his servant Jacob has been with
 Laban until now. Tell him that I have acquired herds
and flocks and servants. Tell him I seek favor in his eyes."
The messengers soon returned.
 "Your brother is coming to meet you, 
but there are 400 men with him." .... More 

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Dinah (watercolor circa 
1896–1902 by James Tissot)




From The Other
 Sectors In Judaism

The Death of Rachel 
(painting circa 1847 by Gustav Ferdinand Metz)

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 from Women of 
Reform Judaism
 from Jewish Outreach Initiative
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Theological Seminary
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a Kveller MOMentary

Map showing kingdom of Edom (in red) at
 its largest extent, c. 600 BC. Areas in dark 
red show the approximate boundary 
of classical-age Idumaea.
The Fate of the Edomites.
The haftarah for Vayishlah is the
 entire book of Obadiah, the shortest
 book in the Bible, clocking in at only
 21 verses in a single chapter.
Who Was Obadiah?

According to rabbinic tradition,
 Obadiah was a convert to Judaism
 from Edom and a servant in
 the court of Ahab and Jezebel
the king and queen of Israel.
Though it's not clear exactly when he lived,
 his prophecy is mainly concerned with how
 the Edomites mistreated the Israelites, which
 was likely in the aftermath of the destruction 
of the first Temple.

The name 'ydwma' ('Aduma') which was
translated into "Edom"

in hieroglyphs

The Edomites lived south of Jerusalem 
and probably took advantage of an already
 downtrodden nation. As a result, Obadiah
 predicts that the Edomites will suffer greatly
 in punishment for their cruelty. More 


Sat, 16 November 2013 
13th of Kislev, 5774
י״ג בְּכִּסְלֵו תשע״ד

Talmud Completed - 425CE

In the first decades of the 5th century, Rav Ashi (d. 427) and Ravina I (d. 421) led a group of the Amoraim (Talmudic sages) in the massive undertaking of compiling the Babylonian Talmud -- collecting and editing the discussions, debates and rulings of hundreds of scholars and sages which had taken place in the more than 200 years since the compilation of the Mishnah by Rabbi Judah HaNassi in 189. The last of these editors and compilers was Ravina II, who passed away on the 13th of Kislev of the year 4235 from creation (475 CE); after Ravina II, no further additions were make to the Talmud, with the exception of the minimal editing undertaken by the Rabbanan Savura'i (476-560). This date thus marks the point at which the Talmud was "closed" and became the basis for all further exegesis of Torah law.
Shabat Shalom And Shavua Tove
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