File:Figures Jacob Laban Make Covenant.jpg
Laban and Jacob Make a
 Covenant Together
 (illustration from the 1728
 Figures de la Bible)

The emotional struggles of  our 
ancestors can help guide us today.
Things gets sticky when Jacob marries
 Leah and Rachel, and the two sisters 
struggle for love and attention
 of the same man. MORE>
File:Tissot Jacob and Rachel at the Well.jpg
Jacob and Rachel at the Well 
(watercolor circa 1896–1902 
by James Tissot)

Jacob flees to his uncle Laban's household 
and lives there for several years, 
marrying Laban's daughters, Leah and 
Rachel, and building a large family.
On his way to his uncle Laban's, Jacob
 of a ladder that stretches up
 from earth to heaven
Jacob's Dream (painting circa 1691 by Michael Willmann

Ashkenazic Custom: Hosea 12:13-14:10 Sephardic Custom: Hosea 11:7-13:5 


 kingdom: God's punishments will be harsh,

 but repentance is possible.


 * TORAH * Institute





Jewish Stories
The Nobleman and the Drunk


Will the real me please stand up

Back about two hundred years, deep in the Russia forests, long before the Russian revolution brought popular education to the masses, the population was divided into two groups. One group was the wealthy land owners, to whom the land belonged. The other group were the peasants who worked for the land owners.
The land owners, or noblemen, as they preferred to be called were educated, not just in reading and writing, but in art and literature. They lived in large and well appointed mansions, which reflected their education, wealth and interest in the


Shabat ShaloM And 
SHavua Tove

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